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Solutions Engineer

We are looking for a friendly, capable, communicative person to support our customers. You will play a pivotal role in ensuring our customers not only learn and understand Grist, but also find long-term value in their solutions.

This position is remote, in a distributed team.

Who We Are

At Grist, we’re building the next generation spreadsheet-database. We’re a small but mighty team in early stages of growth, with a well-developed and ambitious product. Our customers love us, and their enthusiasm proves that we have the potential to be a major player in the data productivity space. We’re looking for a Solutions Engineer who can help our customers see the value of Grist and learn how to use Grist to its full potential across a wide variety of applications.

We value our people and offer generous compensation, paid vacation, and comprehensive healthcare, dental, and vision benefits. This is a remote position.


We are looking for a combination of strong communication skills, and some technical prowess. You will be responsible for responding to customer inquiries, understanding their needs, sharing expertise in using Grist, and using it to help customers achieve their objectives. With a focus on customer retention, you will have an opportunity to perform user testing, create educational materials, and to contribute to the overall direction and success of the product.

This position overlaps with Customer Education, Customer Success, and Sales. While you will not be selling Grist directly, you will be working with newly acquired customers to ensure that they receive the solution promised to them, and understand what more Grist can do for them.

  • Become an expert in Grist, including learning data organization principles and some Python coding.
  • Interact with customers, including over email, video calls, on the community forum and Discord to address concerns and share expertise in using Grist effectively.
  • Plan and execute usability tests and identify opportunities for product improvement.
  • Create educational materials such as templates, tutorials, and videos.
  • Plan and host engaging webinars to educate users, showcase product features, and enhance customer engagement.
  • Serve as an advocate for our customers, by understanding and relaying their needs to the product team.


  • Familiarity with productivity and data tools.
    • Proficiency in Excel or Google Sheets a must.
    • Proficiency in Airtable or similar a big plus.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Interested in technology and innovation with a willingness to learn new technologies, including some coding.
  • Education background a plus.
  • Experience with user testing a plus.
  • Basic knowledge of Python is a plus.
  • Coursework on software engineering or databases is a plus.


  • Salary in the range $80k – $90k.
  • Comprehensive health insurance plan.
  • Four weeks paid vacation.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Solve our Grist Data puzzle. This challenge will give you a taste of the product you’ll be working with, and should be fun if you like working with data and seeing through the noise. Once you solve the challenge, you’ll be given a code to send along with your resume and a cover letter to