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No data lock-in. Full control. Open-source product.

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For Personal or Team

Full-featured and easy to start, for yourself or your group.

  • Unlimited number of documents
  • Up to 5,000 records per document
  • Snapshot history goes back 30 days
  • 100 AI Formula Assistant credits (one time)


$10 / user / mo

$8 / user / mo

For Teams

More power and peace of mind for your whole team.

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Up to 100,000 records per document
  • Snapshot history goes back 3 years
  • Starting at 100 AI Formula Assistant credits per month


$30 / user / mo
starting at 5 users

$24 / user / mo
starting at 5 users

Or Self-Managed info
$9k / server / yr

Install and host Grist on-premise or in your own cloud.

License covers 50 seats per server.

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Up to 150,000 records per document
  • Snapshot history goes back 5 years
  • Starting at 2,000 AI Formula Assistant credits per month
  • SaaS or self-managed
  • Priority support
  • Professional services +


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For Teams

Ultimate control to fit Grist to your needs.

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Up to 200,000 records per document
  • Multiple team sites
  • Custom options
  • Self-managed
  • Priority support
  • Professional services +

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Number of documents
A Grist document is a relational spreadsheet-database with multiple tables.
No limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
Records per document
A record is a row in a table. This limit applies to all rows across all tables in one document.
Up to 5,000Up to 100,000Up to 150,000Custom
Automatic backups
Grist stores automatic snapshots of your data. You can revert to older snapshots, and view differences.
30 days3 years5 yearsCustom
Team members are added to a Team Site on both Free and Pro plans.
No limit
No limitNo limitNo limit
Per-document collaborators or viewers who are not added as team members. Two free guests per document on all plans.
2 per doc2 per doc2 per docCustom
API access
REST API for integrating Grist data with other services.
5k calls/doc/day40k calls/doc/day60k calls/doc/dayCustom
Drag-and-drop layouts
Arrange widgets such as tables, cards, and charts on your pages with custom layouts to build efficient workflows.
Summary tables
Summarize and analyze data in pivot tables.
Forms and surveys
Build forms and surveys in minutes.
Python formulas
Write single or multiline Python formulas. The full Python standard library is available.
AI Formula Assistant
Create formulas using AI. Paid plans are upgradable at:
– 500 credits per month for $10/month
– 2,000 credits per month for $29/month
100 / lifetime100 / month2,000 / monthcheck
Spreadsheet formulas
Most Excel-like spreadsheet functions are supported.
Conditional formatting
Create conditional rules that determine cell styles.
Card view
Present and enter data in form-like cards.
See list of available chart types.
Third-party integrators
Connect other services to Grist by using third party integrators. See list.
Custom widgets
Present data however you need, such as on a map or a calendar, using widgets from our gallery, or building your own.
Granular access rules
Set rules to determine who can see or edit what data, down to each cell.
Real-time collaboration
Work on your data with others at the same time.
Link sharing
Option to publicly share data. Can be combined with access rules, e.g. to create crowdsourcing workflows.
Custom subdomain
Set the url for a team site, e.g.
Community forum
Ask questions, give feedback, or share your cool Grist projects.
Email support
Send support questions to
Priority support
Get access to our team, and priority support on using, configuring, customizing, and maintaining Grist
Professional services
Work with a Grist expert to build your solution quickly.
Self-managed deployment available. Learn more
SAML login support
Enterprise users get access to our team, and priority support on using, configuring, customizing, and maintaining Grist
Your own domain
Access Grist using your own custom domain, e.g.
Customer success manager
Our customer success managers will ensure you get the best experience and maximize Grist’s potential.
Seat volume discount
Discount for large number of users.
Full-featured and easy to start, for yourself or your group.
Personal or Team: $0
More power and peace of mind for your whole team.
$10$8 / user / month
Power your business.
$30$24 / user / month
Or self-host at
$9k per server / year
Ultimate control to fit Grist to your needs.

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Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount on the Pro plan.

Read below for how to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Personal Site and a Team Site?

Personal Site is an area for your personal documents, and is automatically and freely available for any Grist account at That’s also where you will find personal documents shared with you by others.

Team Sites are meant for regular collaboration by groups. They store documents at a subdomain of your choice such as A team site may be on the free plan, and you may upgrade a team site to any of the paid plans.

If I have a Team Site, what’s the difference between the Free plan and the Pro plan?

The difference between Free and Pro plan is the document limits. Documents on a Free plan can have up to 5,000 rows, and include automatic backups for 30 days. While Personal Sites are only available with the Free plan, Team Sites may be on a Free or Pro plan. On a Pro plan, the limits are much higher. See the pricing table above for the details of the difference.

What is included in the Business plan?

  1. Priority support, including prioritized email support, and 4 hours of video call support per year. Additional call support is available at $125/hr.
  2. Professional services available, to build your solution quickly with Grist Experts, or to develop custom integrations. Rates depend on the type and scope of services. See also Professional Services.
  3. Self-managed option is available to host Grist on your infrastructure:

    • Price is $9k per server per year, with each server license accommodating 50 seats. Example: $36k/year for up to 4 servers or 200 users.
    • One-time charge for initial technical setup work: $2k for a single-server installation (not scalable beyond 1 server); $4k for multi-server installation. These include, respectively, 10 or 20 hours of support with a technical expert, to be used in the first 3 months.
    • For self-managed servers, the customer is responsible for the costs and maintenance of server infrastructure.
    • Additional technical support for self-managed installations is available at $200/hr.

How are team members and guests different?

Team members are added as collaborators to your Team Site. On paid plans, team members require paid seats. Guests, on the other hand, are invited to particular documents, but are not added to your team. All documents in Grist, including those on personal sites, are allowed up to 2 free guests, and do not affect the plan price.

Whether you give someone access as a team member or a guest, you have full flexibility in determining their level of access to your data.

Are documents in a Team Site automatically shared with everyone on the team?

How documents are shared with team members is up to you. You may group documents into workspaces and edit permissions at the workspace-level to restrict access to certain team members, or create documents in the Team Site that are only visible to you. Learn more about team sharing to see what’s possible.

How can I get more rows?

If you are on a free plan, upgrade to the Pro or Business plans. If on the Business plan, you may contact us to get technical advice and discuss our Enterprise plan.

What is self-managed deployment?

A self-managed (or self-hosted) deployment lets you run Grist on your own servers, e.g. on-premise or in your private cloud. It is available for the Business and Enterprise plans. Self-hosting gives you control over security, compliance, monitoring, compute power, network access, authentication, and more.

For cost-sensitive customers, Grist has an open source edition, which can be self-hosted for free, and is perfect for individuals.

What do you mean by granular access rules?

Access rules address complex collaboration needs. Grist gives you far more control than deciding who a document is shared with. You can create detailed rules about who can see or edit individual tables, columns, and records.

For example, you may maintain sensitive HR data, and give each employee read access to a part of just their record. That allows Grist to function as an internal application, and removes the hassle and the risk in juggling multiple documents in order to share or collect data.

Do you offer any services to help companies build their database?

Yes! We offer professional services on the Business and Enterprise plans, both directly and via a network of Grist consultants who work closely with us. We’ll meet with you first to talk through your use case and see which approach would work best for you. See Professional Services for more details, or contact us to get started.

How to get the non-profit discount

Not-for-profit organizations are eligible for a 50% discount on the Pro plan. Sign up for the Pro team plan, and email us a Letter of Determination for your organization at at least a week before your free trial ends. If you are interested in a discount on the Business plan, please contact us.

More questions?

Find more common questions and answers in our Help Center FAQ.