Need to host your data? You can!

Host Grist on your own infrastructure, and integrate it into your stack.

Grist on your infrastructure


Address governance, compliance or data residency requirements.


Integrate into your organization’s SSO.


Run with extra CPU and memory for more power.


Create advanced customizations and integrations.

Scalable data solution for any team, any infrastructure

Familiar spreadsheet interface in a no-code database


Intuitive UI for spreadsheet users, while keeping data structured in a SQLite database.


Support for familiar Excel functions and Python formulas.


Automatic database backups.

Secure collaboration with granular access rules


Share one copy of data with granular permissions, controlling who can see what data.


Set rules by role, limiting who can see what from CEO to intern.


Access rules scale seamlessly as data grows.

Drag-and-drop dashboards


Build app-like views by linking related tables, and drill into data with a few clicks.


Add dashboards with pivot tables and charts to see the big picture.


Robust filtering options and conditional formatting bring relevant data to the fore.

Extend Grist to meet your needs


Custom data views
Select from Grist’s ready-made specialty widgets, like maps or invoices, or code your own custom view.


Connect Grist to other apps with our robust API.


Fully portable data
No data lock-in. Download Grist databases as CSV, XLSX, or SQLite files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the enterprise edition (grist-ee) and the open source version (grist-core)?

Grist Enterprise Edition includes priority support and access to professional services. Enterprise clients can connect Grist to their organization’s existing authentication service, and take advantage of other special customizations including email notifications for shared documents.

Product features are the same across all versions of Grist including the open source version. Learn more about self-managing Grist in our help center.

How much does grist Enterprise Edition cost?

Enterprise Edition licensing varies based on the number of servers and users that require licenses. User discounts are available for very large organizations. Contact us at for a more accurate quote.

I am satisfied with open source Grist but still want to support Grist labs. How can I do that?

You can sponsor Grist on Github. And thank you!

The more I use Grist, the more I LOVE it. I have been surveying self-hosted database GUI tools, and I was consistently disappointed with their shortcomings or bugginess. Grist is the first to have tilted the balance the other way.

Stephen S.

Publications, Personal City Guides

“Grist has given us incredible flexibility to solve data problems and find solutions, whether it is for a small team at the district, or at scale with the entire district staff. We’re really excited about the different ways we can use it going forward.”

Director of Product
EdTech Company


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Track sales of digital products (courses, e-books, etc.) and generate revenue summaries by product or customer.

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Time Tracking + Invoicing

Track billable hours and generate invoices in this streamlined template.

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