Business Management

Grist shines when your business data becomes complex. Use it to tame that complexity and streamline your workflow.

  • App-level power

    App-level power

    Get the power and versatility of a custom application with the ease of building a spreadsheet.

  • Custom Layouts

    Custom Layouts

    Fully customize your page layouts to increase productivity and streamline your workflows.

  • Manage Complexity

    Manage Complexity

    Easily represent and manage complex data, while cutting out the complexity you don't need.

Other Helpful Features

Dynamic charts

See data come to life by linking charts, and slice and dice with the click of a mouse.

Rich field types

From dates to attachments, use data types that solve your needs.

Connect data intelligently

Link your data in smarter, more efficient ways than you ever could with spreadsheets to help streamline your workflow.

More Great Examples