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Calendars and Cards

Calendars are here! Learn all the tips and tricks to get the most out of calendar views in your documents. Tip: Cards pair nicely with calendars!


00:16 User Question: Is learning Python enough to be able to write formulas in Grist?
02:38 User Question: Can you connect the Calendar widget to Google or Calendly?
05:09 Travel Planning Template walkthrough
06:17 Setting up your table with required and optional Calendar Columns
13:38 Adding a Calendar widget
15:06 User Question: If I want to avoid any overlap in Date, where would I put that condition?
16:00 Configuring the Calendar widget
17:25 Month / Week / Day Calendar views
18:06 User Question: Is it possible to have the widget only in read mode so users cannot edit it or drag/drop elements? (Answer continued at 20:55)
19:10 Adding an event using the Calendar
20:10 Using Click-and-Drag to adjust start or end time
20:43 Deleting an event using the calendar
23:35 Displaying additional event details using a Card widget
24:00 Adding a card widget
24:55 Modifying a Card’s theme and layout
26:55 Creating summary tables (aka pivot tables)
28:13 Linking widgets with the same underlying data
30:00 Quick way to hide multiple columns at a time
33:54 User Question: What happens if an event doesn’t have a start or end time?
35:14 User Question: Can we set a default date to load on the calendar widget?
39:10 Tip: Set a default Type for events that need to be scheduled