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Charts and Summary Tables

In November, we learned all the tips and tricks of Charts and Summary Tables to get the most out of your data.


00:12 User Question: Workaround for more advanced filtering
06:30 Credit Card Activity Template walkthrough
09:40 Adding a Summary Table
11:00 Adding a Summary Table using Group By
13:30 Linking Summary Tables
17:16 Adding a Chart widget
18:17 Configuring a Pie Chart widget
20:27 Linking Chart widgets
21:20 Configuring a Bar Chart widget
21:58 Tip: Updating existing widget type
23:55 Tip: Expanding a widget
27:17 Chart Options: Split Series
28:00 Zooming in on a portion of a chart
28:38 Chart Options: Invert Y-Axis
28:58 Chart Options: Orientation
29:11 Chart Options: Log scale Y-Axis
29:17 Chart Options: Stack Series
31:18 [BETA] Advanced Chart Custom Widget
37:12 User Question: How would I save a chart for sharing?