Grist is most powerful when it is used collaboratively. People collaborate on data all the time. Group-maintained spreadsheets are useful whether you’re a team at a company working towards the same goal, an amateur sports league organizing a tournament, a family tracking their ancestry, or an online community curating a list of best Elden Ring builds.

That’s why we’re offering free team sites to bring the power of Grist’s spreadsheet-database to your group projects, for business or personal use.

Invite as many people as you like and store all your documents in one place under a custom subdomain, such as or

Realtime data collaboration with granular access rules

Example of access rules in action, ensuring data collaboration doesn't lead to sensitive data leaks.
Owners see all employee payroll data. Employees only see their payroll data.

With real-time data collaboration, you always see the most up-to-date version of your data. Granular access rules make it possible for everyone to work on one copy of your spreadsheet data while only seeing and editing what’s relevant to them (e.g. prevent Mom from adding her entire knitting circle to the wedding guest list!)

Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple versions of spreadsheets and keeping track of who has access to what — or worse, giving too much access and hoping someone doesn’t break your spreadsheet. All data and permission rules are captured in one place, putting you in control of your data.

Build efficient workflows with drag-n-drop layouts and relational data that surfaces what you need, when you need it.

Each Grist document is your no-code database: capable, flexible and easy to use. With drag-n-drop layouts and relational data linking, you can build dashboards that streamline your workflows helping your team work more efficiently. Tame your data your way.

Documents in free team sites are fully featured, including custom layouts, summary tables, conditional formatting, Python and spreadsheet formulas, granular access rules, and more.

Documents on a free plan can have up to 5,000 rows and 1GB of multimedia attachments, and even get automatic backups, kept for 30 days. See more about document limits for free plans on our pricing page.

Start making sense of your data now. Get started on fast by building on one of our templates.