DIY marketer? Ditch one-size tools

Tame your data your way with Grist’s powerful analysis and no-code dashboard builder.

Streamline workflows, project management & data analysis

One-stop marketing solution: SEO, campaign analysis, data visualization, asset management, and more.

NPS results

Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ satisfaction.


Analyze and drill into NPS survey results with charts and pivot tables.


Analysis automatically applies as new responses are added to spreadsheet.

Internal link tracker for SEO

Do you buy expensive tools just to export results to a spreadsheet anyway? Save your money.


Identify most linked-to pages and orphaned pages at a glance.


Maintain a log of internal links for easy management.

Event sponsors and attendees

If you’re manually reconciling event registration lists and sponsorship lists, this spreadsheet is a better headache buster than aspirin.


Access event details with an easy-to-read card view.


Formulas automatically calculate ticket revenue and attendance rate.

Streamline collaboration on everything


Drag-and-drop layouts
Work the way you want to with an intuitive page builder for data workflows and visualization.


Granular access rules
Bye bye messy spreadsheets. Share one copy with granular permissions, limiting who can see what down to each cell.


Easy pivot tables + powerful formulas
Build pivot tables with a few clicks, analyze data with powerful formulas.

“What I like about Grist the most is its focus. It appears simple, but it’s very powerful in a focused way. Grist has really improved our workflow and communication.”

Chris Scott
Co-founder in Digital Marketing


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Influencer Outreach

Streamline influencer outreach with a CRM-style template that tracks contacts, interactions, and results.

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UTM Link Builder

Define UTM parameters and let the template generate the final link. Organize links by campaign.

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Event Speakers

Monitor your speaker booking progress for events using our streamlined dashboard.

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Build with an expert

Need a solution built in Grist? Let our experts do the work.


Plan your solution
Identify workflow pain points, and improvements.


Design for your needs
Leverage Grist’s flexibility to your advantage.


Build with experts
Work with our experts to get to your solution quickly.

Take control of your data

Unlock your data’s true potential with the better spreadsheet