Solve spreadsheet problems

No more spreadsheet bloat, Excel file consolidation or sprawling Google Sheets dashboards.

Beyond the grid

Too many data workflows depend on spreadsheet version control — on ever-growing shared folders or even over email.

Grist is built to solve these problems.

Org chart showing databases, Excel files and Google Sheets documents.

Problem: Inefficient data management

Grist is structured like a database

  • No duplication. A single source of data accessible by everyone.
  • Relational data. Link data across tables using reference columns.
  • REST API. Powerful integration with external data sources.

Problem: Difficult collaboration

Grist is built for cross-functional teams

  • Real-time updates. Work together live in a browser.
  • Access rules. Control user permissions down to the cell.
  • Spreadsheet UI. Get users on board with a familiar interface.

Problem: Limited visualizations

Grist has customizable dashboards

  • Custom layouts. Drag and drop to create your own design.
  • Visualizations. Use charts, tables, cards, Markdown, HTML and more.
  • DIY views. Build your own custom widgets.

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Why Grist?

Venn diagram showing "spreadsheet", "app builder" and "database" circles overlaid. Grist logo in the center.

Save time

Grist’s unique design combines the best parts of a spreadsheet, a database, and a no-code app-builder.

Use one tool on one data source and reduce your overhead.

Animation showing Grist access rules.

Work together

Collaborate with confidence using a sophisticated system of granular data permissions.

Easy onboarding with a familiar spreadsheet interface and no-code dashboard building mean that everyone can contribute.

Grist GitHub repo screenshot.

Own your data

Grist’s open-source commitment and emphasis on data portability means that your data is always yours.

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