Grist for Labs

Modern, flexible spreadsheet for research labs

Manage your projects, inventory, and sensitive data in the cloud, or on your own servers for full data ownership.

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How a biodiversity informatics expert is helping protect Brazil’s plants with Grist’s relational spreadsheets

Eduardo Dalcin, Ph.D.
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Solution for sensitive data

Self-hosting option. Run Grist on your own infrastructure for full data ownership, or to satisfy stringent governance or compliance requirements such as HIPAA.


Access rules. Control access on a granular level within a document, down to each row, to collaborate securely across different roles, from PIs to undergrads.

Work together faster


Real-time updates. See changes instantly online.


Version control. Document history and automatic backups for peace of mind.


Work anywhere. Access at work, at home, while traveling, using new or old PCs, and even on phones and tablets.

Analyze and visualize


Dashboards. Intuitive drag-and-drop page builder for easy data visualization.


AI Formula Assistant. Built in to help create formulas for your spreadsheets.


Python formulas. Powerful language favored by data scientists.

Customize to fit your needs


Flexible layouts. Design and build your own workflow.


Custom widgets. Use built-in charts, tables, forms, and other widgets, or make your own.


No data lock-in. Take your data anywhere by downloading your files.

More tools


Templates built for labs

Get a running start with many templates to choose from,
to use as is or customize to your needs.

Lab Project Management

Manage all projects in your lab, and effectively track tasks by project, person, and due date.

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Lab Sample Management

Keep track of lab samples, including sources, collection dates, and storage locations

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Lab Inventory Management

Manage your lab inventory and track incoming and outgoing items in one place.

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