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Data superpowers

Streamline your work with Grist’s versatile UI and robust feature set.

AI Formula Assistant

The hardest part of working with spreadsheets made easy with AI.

  • Create formulas using plain language.
  • Leverage the power of Python without being an expert.
  • Iterate on formulas using retained conversational context.

Forms & surveys

Collect and analyze data easily.

  • Create simple and effective forms.
  • Share your form with a single click.
  • Analyze data in real time.

Flexible layout

Arrange your data on screen to maximize your and your team’s productivity.

  • Drag-and-drop widgets to make custom layouts.
  • Link data to quickly pull up details and related records.
  • Turn rows into data cards, and attach relevant images and files.

Access rules

Collaborate with confidence and peace of mind, using unique system of granular data permissions.

  • Control who sees what, down to each row and column.
  • Share data in part or in full, and still collaborate in real-time.
  • Share limited views of relevant data with third parties.


See what matters at a glance, from big trends to small details.

  • Summarize data into charts or pivot tables to see the big picture.
  • Link charts to update dynamically to visualize segments of data.
  • Show data in new ways with a gallery of custom widgets, or build your own.

More features

Streamline, control, and drill into your data. Discover the endless possibilities of our full-featured relational spreadsheet.

  • Formulas with Excel functions and Python power.
  • Automatic backups and snapshot history.
  • Conditional styles, and cell formatting.
  • Localized into 12 languages.
  • APIs and integrations.

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Ready-to-use templates

Get a running start with many templates to choose from,
to use as is or customize to your needs.

Investment Research

Uncover trends by exploring investment data across categories and time using vibrant, dynamic charts.

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Class Enrollment

Manage class enrollment and student data efficiently with our easy-to-use relational spreadsheet.

View Template

Lightweight CRM

Manage customer info and interactions in a user-friendly, spreadsheet-style CRM template.

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Power tools

Take it to the next level with our open-source spreadsheet-database tool.


Super-charged formulas

  • Fully supports Python syntax and standard library in formulas.
  • Includes many familiar Excel functions.


  • Connect to anything via REST API, webhooks, or integrators.
  • Create your own custom widgets.

Unprecedented control

  • Can be self-managed, for intranet operation or compliance.
  • Uses SQLite format, great for portability and backups.

“What I like about Grist the most is its focus. It appears simple, but it’s very powerful in a focused way. Grist has really improved our workflow and communication.”

Chris Scott
Co-founder in Digital Marketing

“If people spend some time learning a new tool they’ll have more power to do their work and research. I said to one of my students, ‘You will be very very happy using Grist because you are miserable using Excel!'”

Eduardo Dalcin, Ph.D.
Biodiversity Informatics Expert

“Most CRMs don’t work the way Grist works. Grist’s layouts are simple and do exactly what we need.”

Jennifer Bledsoe
IT Tech at Law Firm


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