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Learn how real people use Grist to streamline workflows and make sense of their data.

Case Study

Grist helps a lawyer with ADHD go from struggle to success

Eric is a successful lawyer, father, and husband, but living with ADHD poses challenges to his personal and professional life. Learn how Eric has leveraged Grist to improve his productivity, and why he credits Grist with helping him get a raise.

Case Study

From read-only dashboards to spreadsheet collaboration with granular access rules

An EdTech Company that builds custom data visualization portals needed to augment their read-only dashboards with custom data editing. Learn how Grist integrated into their white labeled portal while keep dating secure with granular read and write access rules.

Case Study

How a biodiversity informatics expert is helping protect Brazil’s plants with Grist’s relational spreadsheets

Eduardo Dalcin, Ph.D. works at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute. He wanted to know “Who is expert in which groups of plants?” in order to identify gaps in plant conservation efforts. Learn how he answered the question by using the power of Grist’s relational spreadsheet.

Case Study

MissionSource didn’t know it had a data problem, until Grist fixed it

MissionSource is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in paid advertising, SEO, and marketing analytics. Data from campaigns would wind up in a mess of spreadsheets. Learn how MissionSource uses Grist to clean and process data as it moves through the marketing funnel.

Case Study

How a law firm built a custom CRM that met their needs

As a law firm, Leavitt & Eldredge generates a lot of data about customers and matters, and billing requires particular workflows. Existing specialty software such as PracticePanther was too restrictive. Learn how a custom CRM built in Grist now serves their daily matters and billing workflows.

Case Study

Why a city guides app needed an open source spreadsheet

OurQuietPlaces helps busy urbanites find moments of respite and cultural enrichment. They needed an easy-to-use, self-hosted, flexible and collaborative data tool to handle inventories, worksheets, publishing plans, and more. Learn why Grist became the key tool for a remote content team of four who needed a real collaboration tool that made sharing easy.