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Custom Product Builder

Build products and track their component costs.

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Inventory Manager

Manage your inventory and track incoming and outgoing orders, all in one place.

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Create printable invoices directly from your spreadsheet data.

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Test Prep

Create timed sample tests and flashcards to ace your next test!

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Prepare for any test with our simple, digital flashcards builder.

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Net Promoter Score Results

Keep tabs on customer satisfaction by analyzing NPS results over time in colorful charts.

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Sales Commissions

Track sales, calculate commissions, and summarize revenue and commission pay out in vibrant charts.

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User Survey Results

Summarize user feedback in pivot tables and colorful charts.

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Expense Tracking for Teams

Streamline expenses management by allowing employees to edit their own expenses, while protecting sensitive data.

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Event Sponsors + Registrations

Manage event details, registrations, ticket revenue, and sponsorships in intuitive dashboards.

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Digital Sales CRM

Track sales of digital products (courses, e-books, etc.) and generate revenue summaries by product or customer.

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Influencer Outreach

Streamline influencer outreach with a CRM-style template that tracks contacts, interactions, and results.

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Internal Links Tracker for SEO

Boost your SEO performance by managing and auditing internal links.

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UTM Link Builder

Define UTM parameters and let the template generate the final link. Organize links by campaign.

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Streamline your recruiting workflow by tracking job candidates, resumes, and interview notes in one place.

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Event Speakers

Monitor your speaker booking progress for events using our streamlined dashboard.

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Account-Based Sales CRM

Track deals in the sales pipeline by account and sales rep using our lightweight sales CRM template.

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Time Tracking + Invoicing

Track billable hours and generate invoices in this streamlined template.

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