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Meet the People Behind Grist

Grist’s team is fully remote. We believe that good software and good data are important and can help the world.

Nick Bush

Senior Content Manager

Nick is a writer and designer who has worked in conversation design and games, always looking to tackle new problems. Prior to Grist, Nick was the Technical Editor on King of the Castle for Tributary Games. He studied English at the University of Waterloo and is currently based in Toronto.

Anais Concepcion

VP Product

Anais is a product and growth strategist with a lifelong appreciation for tech. Prior to joining Grist, she has worked at an AI health tech company, a platform business solutions firm, and an impact investment fund in Latin America. She brings a keen interest in how well-designed tools can empower people to chase cool, ambitious projects. She received a BA in Economics from Lehigh University.

Paul Fitzpatrick


Paul received his Ph.D. in AI at MIT, with Rod Brooks. Paul is a co-founder of the Data Commons Co-op, and the creator of several popular open-source tools, such as the YARP robotics framework and the daff toolkit for comparing and merging tables. Prior to Grist, Paul was a senior researcher at Axon’s AI division, created through acquisition of an NYC-based computer vision start-up he worked at. He grew up on a small farm in Ireland and there were goats involved. He now lives in Montclair, NJ; there are fewer goats involved.

George Gevoian

Software Engineer

George is a software engineer with a passion for writing fast, intuitive web applications. Prior to joining Grist, he had worked at a meal kit startup in Ventura, CA and the Naval Air Warfare Center at Point Mugu, CA. He studied Computer Science at California State University Channel Islands, and currently resides in Simi Valley, CA.

Alex Hall

Software Engineer

Alex has a broad set of skills but his main expertise is in Python. He works on several open source projects in his spare time, mostly related to learning, understanding, and debugging code better. Previously he worked at BusinessOptics for 5 years building tools to manage and analyse data better. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and now lives there with his wife and two dogs.

Natalie Misasi White

Customer Engineer

Natalie is dedicated to helping people be successful in using complex systems more effectively. She formerly hails from the aerospace industry, where she worked as a rocket engineer on NASA’s Space Launch System. She is a passionate Lego collector and is on a mission to become a Junior Ranger at every US National Park Site. Natalie studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado – Denver, and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jojo Roque

Head of Marketing

Jojo is dedicated to leveraging data to make good business decisions. Prior to joining Grist, he worked at several tech startups in Silicon Valley, where he built and scaled marketing programs. In his free time, Jojo loves to go hiking (and plans to take up fishing). He received his MBA from Georgetown University and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jarosław Sadziński

Software Engineer

Jarek is a software engineer, architect, and professional scrum master. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he worked on numerous projects for the biggest companies in Poland, such as Sanofi, KGHM, ABB, and Toyota Bank. He is very passionate about programming and can talk hours about code smells, afferent/efferent coupling, composition or delegation, and many other fancy terms from developers’ lingo. He is a father of two, and, together with his wife, runs a small online store with the best books for children. Jarek studied Computer Science at the Public University of Technology in Łódź, Poland.

Dmitry Sagalovskiy

Founder & CEO

Dmitry is passionate about writing good code, cutting no corners, and taking new approaches. He has over 18 years of experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur. Prior to working on Grist, Dmitry has worked at Google, and at Hudson River Trading LLC, a quantitative trading firm which he co-founded. He also co-founded New York Math Circle, a non-profit that offers students (and teachers) mathematics enrichment. Dmitry grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine, studied at Brooklyn Technical High School in New York, and received his BA in Mathematics and MS in Computer Science from Harvard.

Stan Sagalovskiy

Founder & Advisor

Stan joins Grist from BlackRock, where he was a product manager for its core trading systems used to manage billions. He brings the passion for making complex systems easy to use and building user-centered products that drive consumer adoption and business growth. Stan started his career with Accenture in their Business Intelligence group, and has over a decade of experience helping businesses build better software. He received his BA in Computer Science from NYU, and Master of Urban Planning from Hunter College.

Jakub Serafin

Software Engineer

Jakub is a seasoned software developer with over 12 years of experience. He has worked with companies of varying sizes, from startups to international corporations. With his certification as a scrum master and experience as a team leader, Jakub is skilled at leading and coordinating development projects. He takes pride in writing clean, maintainable code and enjoys refactoring existing code to improve its quality. Passionate about new challenges and technology, Jakub stays up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. In his free time, he immerses himself in both fiction and non-fiction books, sharing interesting tidbits on various topics. With a quirky and abstract sense of humor, Jakub adds a touch of fun to the team. When he’s not coding, you can find him indulging in computer games.