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NEC Conference 2023!

Grist was at Numérique en Commun[s] 2023 to discuss using no-code tools to help with digital transformation.

What is the digital commons?

The digital commons is shared information and technology. Tools that contribute to the digital commons are essential for organizations working with the public, such as non-profits and governments.

In an age of software “cloudification” and data monetization, there’s a need for a more collaborative digital strategy where both software and data are open. And by open, we mean:

  1. open source: code should be self-hostable, modifiable and auditable.
  2. cooperative: digital working methods should be inclusive and shareable by design.

Since the beginning, Grist has been built with these values in mind. Over time, we’ve continued to add features while maintaining the same core.

What is Grist?

Grist is the evolution of the spreadsheet and a new approach to digital strategy. It gets you the most out of your data, and lets you control how it’s used.

Collaborative to its core

With a familiar spreadsheet UI and the stability of a database, Grist is designed to be used by everyone.


Easy to use, with deep configuration options.


Database structure helps ensure data is clean & consistent.


UI translated into 13 languages.

Fully open source

Grist’s open source commitment allows individuals and organizations to self-host, and enables developers to evaluate code.


No data lock-in.


Developer-friendly architecture.


Active community of contributors.

Advanced access controls

Enable cross-functional collaboration with granular access rules.


Limit access to individual rows, columns, and tables.


Let all users work securely from one source of truth – and store data only once.

Comprehensive resources

Learn and extend Grist with detailed support.


Dozens of ready-to-use templates.


Monthly webinars.


Free consultation call with an expert.

“If people spend some time learning a new tool they’ll have more power to do their work and research. I said to one of my students, ‘You will be very very happy using Grist because you are miserable using Excel!'”

Eduardo Dalcin, Ph.D.
Biodiversity Informatics Expert

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Manage hourly payroll calculations and tracking in a single relational spreadsheet.

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Lightweight CRM

Manage customer info and interactions in a user-friendly, spreadsheet-style CRM template.

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Build with an expert

Need a solution built in Grist? Let our experts do the work.


Plan your solution
Identify workflow pain points, and improvements.


Design for your needs
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Build with experts
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Take control of your data

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