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Growth beyond the spreadsheet

Say goodbye to spreadsheet woes with Grist’s flexible, no-code database that adapts to how you work, and scales with your business.

One platform, many business solutions

Flexible and powerful enough to meet cross-functional needs such as expense tracking, payroll, project management, sales & more.

Expense tracking for teams

No more wrangling employees’ expense spreadsheets into a master list every month.


Share one master spreadsheet with specific permissions so employees only see their own expenses.


Summarize expenses by month and employee in colorful charts.


A simple payroll tracker that captures different pay and raises for employees and contractors.


Formulas calculate wages.


Summary tables (pivot tables) automatically update with new data.

Account-based sales

Help your sales team track accounts, contacts, and deals.


Specific permissions limit sales reps access to only their deals, contacts, and accounts, while giving their manager access to everything.


Visualize deals and sales rep performance through charts and reports.

Flexible and intuitive


Drag-and-drop layouts
An intuitive page builder for data workflows and visualization.


Granular access rules
Bye bye messy spreadsheets. Share one copy with granular permissions, limiting who can see what.


Pivot tables + charts
Summarize and visualize data with a few clicks.

“Most CRMs don’t work the way Grist works. Grist’s layouts are simple and do exactly what we need.”

Jennifer Bledsoe
IT Tech at Law Firm

“What I like about Grist the most is its focus. It appears simple, but it’s very powerful in a focused way. Grist has really improved our workflow and communication.”

Chris Scott
Co-founder in Digital Marketing


More templates

Sales Commissions

Track sales, calculate commissions, and summarize revenue and commission pay out in vibrant charts.

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Digital Sales CRM

Track sales of digital products (courses, e-books, etc.) and generate revenue summaries by product or customer.

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General Ledger

Analyze income and expenses by project and over time using our user-friendly general ledger with dynamic charts.

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The Sprouts Program

Build with an expert

Need a solution built in Grist? Let us do the work.


Plan your solution
Identify workflow pain points, and improvements.


Design for your needs
Leverage Grist’s flexibility to your advantage.


Build with experts
Work with us to get to your solution quickly.

Take control of your data

Unlock your data’s true potential with the better spreadsheet