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Grist Templates

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General Ledger

Analyze income and expenses by project and over time using our user-friendly general ledger with dynamic charts.

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Grant Application Tracker

Consolidate your application process, contact information and funding goals in intuitive, interconnected dashboards.

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Private Tutor Billing

Manage client, session, and billing data in a single relational spreadsheet.

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Manage hourly payroll calculations and tracking in a single relational spreadsheet.

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Create printable invoices directly from your spreadsheet data.

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Book Club

Organize your bookclub in this simple spreadsheet. Auto-generated links streamline book searches.

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Expert Witness Database

Easily manage a database of expert witnesses for your law firm. Customizable to suit your area of law.

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Investment Research

Uncover trends by exploring investment data across categories and time using vibrant, dynamic charts.

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Class Enrollment

Manage class enrollment and student data efficiently with our easy-to-use relational spreadsheet.

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Lightweight CRM

Manage customer info and interactions in a user-friendly, spreadsheet-style CRM template.

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