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Access Rules for Teams

In January, we learned how to create access rules to limit which team members can see or edit which data.


00:57 Answering sign-up questions: the very basics of starting in Grist
06:09 Webinar Intro
07:15 Payroll template overview and access rules goals
08:15 Default access rules
11:30 Table seed rules
12:45 Restricting tables with access rules
13:30 View As other users to test rules
13:53 What happens to pages and widgets that show restricted tables?
15:04 Restricting columns with access rules
16:23 Restricting rows with access rules based on value in cells
18:52 Restricting data based on users’ login email (the suboptimal way)
23:22 Creating custom user attributes
25:26 Restricting data based on users’ login email (the optimal way)
27:49 Truly locking down structure with access rules
28:31 Custom user attributes + reference columns
32:51 Surprise! Troubleshooting. 🤔
37:06 Anchor links
39:52 Enable editing a cell, but not erasing a cell, with access rules
44:57 Recent changes to filtering – date filter, pinned filters
52:31 How censored cells look with access rules
55:49 Link keys and access rules