Data Cleaning

In March, Natalie shared tips for cleaning your data fast in Grist, including a few Grist-only tricks.


00:36 Questions submitted during sign-up
06:07 Webinar Introduction
07:44 Adding many values to a Choice or Choice List column quickly
10:40 Editing Choice and Choice List values in bulk
11:25 Editing Text values in bulk
12:55 Reformatting text with title case, uppercase or lowercase
20:09 Formatting phone numbers with the PHONE_FORMAT() function
22:44 Splitting text with a formula using .split()
25:54 Finding and addressing missing data with filters or dashboards
29:45 Dedupping data, a Grist hack using summary tables
32:42 Using lookups to find values stored in other tables, then converting to data
36:02 TASTEME() 🐺
45:38 Grist secret: ?style=light
49:50 Grumpy cat
50:43 Duplicating tables