Deconstructing the Class Enrollment Template

In August we’ll rebuild our Class Enrollment Template. This template uses reference columns to relate data in five different tables. Learn when to use reference columns, in which direction, and how to use helper tables to better structure your data.

You’ll also learn how to build productive dashboards that view the same data from different perspectives.


01:05 Quick tip: Column and widget descriptions
03:05 New feature: column header formatting
04:42 Introduction to webinar and template
08:55 Creating a new document and meta table to plan ahead
10:24 Importing from Google Sheets
13:00 Choice columns – setting and formatting choice values
15:27 Using reference columns to relate data in different tables
17:24 Concatenating text with the AI formula assistant 🤖
21:11 Building a helper table joining records in two different tables
22:32 Importing data into an existing table w/ a formula applied on import
26:23 Building dynamic dashboards with linked widgets and cards
33:24 Using lookupRecords formula to count records that match specific arguments
35:25 Using a formula to compare enrollment to max class size
38:28 Quick way to hide multiple columns at a time
40:26 Editing card layout
41:28 Using a reference lookup to pull data from a referenced table