Access Rules

A deep dive on Access Rules, starting with the basics and building up to complex examples. Learn how to create access rules on private and public documents.


00:00 Lightning Round – questions sent during sign-up
05:24 Project management template walkthrough + desired rules
07:21 Access rules overview + default rules
09:49 Adding table rules
10:58 Adding column rules
11:35 Viewing as other users to test rules
12:09 Adding memos to rules
14:03 Adding rules to rows based on values in fields + understanding rule order
16:14 Adding rules to rows based on custom user attributes
18:46 Rule order matters! 😅
19:52 Using multiple user attribute values and exceptions
21:20 Access rules on public documents — public giveaway template and desired rules
23:35 The importance of locking down schema edits
24:25 newRec — rules based on values in new or updated records
25:22 user.SessionID in access rules for public documents
26:00 Combining conditions and using parenthesis
27:33 Making a document public and editable + testing rules
29:26 Using trigger formulas to capture user attributes in data
31:47 Hardcoding user attribute values in an access rule
34:51 Using a custom widget to display images from a url