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Understanding Column Types and Version Control

On February’s webinar, Anais walked through column types and formatting, automatic backups, and how to work on forks of your document.


00:00 Lightning Round – questions sent during sign-up
05:43 Inventory Manager Walkthrough
07:55 The Creator Panel, column type v column behavior
08:53 Text columns and hyperlink options
10:32 Numeric column and currencies
12:54 Integer column
13:21 Date column
14:29 Datetime column, time zones, and document settings
15:53 Choice column
17:27 Choice List column
18:40 Reference column, lookups and data linking
21:39 Reference List column
22:53 Attachment column
23:47 Forking documents to work on a copy (and a quick summary table)
27:07 Automatic backups and version history snapshots
29:00 Image preview from image URLs