Sharing Partial Data with Link Keys

In this webinar we’ll explain how to use one of Grist’s coolest and least explored features: link keys. Learn how to use Grist’s link keys to share partial data – even just a single row – with third parties.


00:00 – Questions submitted during sign-up
05:01 – Explanation of link keys
06:33 – Event volunteers template walkthrough
08:21 – Generating UUIDs and unique links
14:15 – Access rules to hide a table from non-owners
15:51 – Access rules to prevent editors from making structural changes
17:12 – Row-level access rules with link keys
23:49 – Access rules to prevent viewers from seeing a table
25:47 – Table-level access rules using a custom user attribute
28:25 – Reinforcing the importance of access rules order logic
29:20 – Column-level access rules with link keys
35:30 – Bonus: Linking data to a summary table via reference
40:03 – Bonus: Quick refresher on reference columns
44:32 – Bonus: Quick refresher on summary tables