Trigger Formulas v. Formulas

During November’s webinar, Anais discussed the difference between typical formulas and trigger formulas, and when to use which. She also shared some of her favorite formulas and dove deep into how to use reference columns in lookup formulas.


00:31 DnD Encounter template
00:50 Embedding iframes in custom widgets
02:55 The difference between trigger formulas and regular formulas
04:15 No code hiring template walkthrough
05:45 Auto-adding a date with trigger formulas
07:35 Auto-adding user information with trigger formulas
08:29 Data cleaning with trigger formulas
11:07 Understanding .format() formula
13:08 Reverse reference lookup – finding all the records related to a specific record
18:24 Looking up fields with a lookupRecords() function
18:34 Combining AVERAGE() and lookupRecords()
18:53 How to use IFERROR()
19:58 Formula challenge – funding duplicates
21:15 Changing the currency on the invoice template’s custom widget
23:24 Best way to learn Grist?
24:39 Comparing Grist and Airtable
28:40 Grist won Product of the Day on Product Hunt! Thank you!!