Back to Basics: Migrating from spreadsheet to Grist

Build with Grist is an educational webinar for Grist creators to learn tips and tricks to build their best custom database and app in Grist.

In this webinar, watch as we migrate an existing spreadsheet into Grist and build a custom solution that increases productivity.


00:00 Lightning round – questions submitted during sign-up
04:07 Spreadsheet method – community rec center example
06:22 Thinking through database structure
08:05 Importing data methodically with structure in mind
09:25 Incremental imports with merge key
11:45 Checking for duplicates
12:53 Linking related data and using references to lookup data
23:03 Building productive layouts with summary tables, linked data and cards
31:14 Understanding views v. data
33:00 Polishing dashboards with formatting, column types, and conditional formatting
40:42 Access rules to restrict who can see what
46:55 Understanding records and when to break out data into its own table
47:59 Data cleaning tips and tricks
50:46 Understanding raw data page and data deletion
52:40 Q&A: SQL queries, link sharing + access rules, understanding team sites, SELF_HYPERLINK function