Expense Tracking: Grist v. Excel

In this webinar, we take a common spreadsheet use case, expense tracking, and compare workflows in Grist v. Excel.


00:00 Fun round – Building memes in Grist!
01:50 Lightning round – questions submitted during sign-up
06:30 Expense Tracking in Excel — common workflows and drawbacks
10:02 Importing expenses to Grist and formatting columns (+ strftime() Python method)
14:21 Creating summary tables (aka pivot tables) and linking widgets to drill into data
17:45 Creating charts that aggregate and drill into data
19:25 Pages v. views of data v. data tables
20:38 Importing additional expenses into the Grist document
24:15 Renaming tables, identifying summary tables and their group by columns at a glance
25:18 Quick tip: Data cleaning with trigger formulas (title case to text strings)
26:48 Working in a team with granular access rules – overview of default rules and user access
29:30 Row level access rules based on users’ login emails
33:45 Column-level access rules: hiding columns v. restricting columns, key difference!
35:15 Restricting pages and summary tables
36:16 Reviewing the simplified workflow!
37:50 Exporting filtered data as a CSV and working on copies
39:20 Q&A