Importing & Summarizing Data

In this webinar we cover how to import and summarize data in Grist. Dmitry shows how to create a Grist structure that pulls insights from your data with summary tables, and then import additional data to the existing structure.


01:17 Recent Grist updates
02:30 Overview of business credit card expense example
02:52 Importing credit card data to an empty document
05:18 Creating a summary table (aka pivot table) to see spend by employee
08:15 Using a formula to clean up payment and expense data
10:35 Adding more summation formulas to summary tables
12:27 Summarizing totals without grouping by fields
13:46 Drilling into data by linking underlying records to summary tables
15:42 Data cleaning with the split() Python function
17:45 Quickly adding Choices from data
19:09 Summarizing by a Choice column
20:25 Summarizing by multiple columns and linking summary tables
21:55 Converting summary tables into charts
23:15 Importing additional data into an existing structure
28:24 Importing data from a different data source with unmatched columns
29:25 Transforming import data with formulas ✨
33:29 Question: Possible to import pivot tables?
34:22 Question: Webhooks?
36:24 Question: How to find correlated data?
38:40 Question: Useful Python formulas?
42:32 The difference between static charts and dynamic charts
43:27 Question: Version history?