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Importing Data

In May, we explored all the cool import features that Grist offers, such as incremental imports, merge fields, and formula transformations.


00:07 Questions submitted during sign-up
05:55 Webinar overview and sample use case
06:45 Importing to create a new document v. importing into an existing data
07:18 Importing from Google Drive
08:50 Importing to create a table with columns from a spreadsheet
10:30 Importing only one table from a spreadsheet with many sheets
12:39 Importing data incrementally into an existing table
13:05 Column mapping when importing to existing tables
14:39 Extracting month, year from date columns
17:44 Summarizing data by a column, such as month
18:52 Merging data on a field to avoid duplicates & update existing records
26:37 Transforming data during import with a formula
30:52 Summarizing by multiple columns
32:53 Game time! Flashcards about Grist built in Grist: