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Markdown Widget Magic 🧙‍♂️

Follow along with our Proposals & Contracts example and learn how to use the Markdown widget to create printable PDF files, populated with data from your Grist document.


00:20 User Question: Can we create page breaks, header and footer, define margins, page format and orientation?
01:16 Quick look at new features 👀
07:38 📝 Proposals & Contracts Template walkthrough
12:02 Creating your form templates
13:08 Adding and configuring the Markdown custom widget
15:03 Markdown toolbar overview
15:30 Not familiar with Markdown? Check out the Markdown Guide!
16:05 A note on using HTML in the Markdown widget
16:38 Tip: Check out the Extended Syntax tab of the Markdown Guide!
17:00 Creating the Proposal template
19:05 Creating a table with Markdown
19:50 Tip: When to use a variable
20:58 Adding variables to your template
25:19 Populating the Proposal template with Project data via formula
30:00 Mapping variables with data from a referenced table
32:05 Simplify your view using a Card widget
33:26 Tip: Quickly hide many columns at once
34:02 Adding a Markdown custom widget to view a Proposal
37:05 Populating the Contract template with Project data via formula
37:55 Evaluating errors in formulas
39:05 Tip: Duplicate a page and update widgets to save time configuring views
43:57 SNEAK PEEK: Grist Forms!😍