Modifying Grist Templates

In December, we learned how to look under the hood of a template from our template gallery, and modify it to meet your needs.


00:36 Relational data in Grist: reference columns and linked widgets
09:39 Saving a copy of a template
11:45 Investigating a template’s structure with Raw Data
13:57 Renaming columns, pages, tables, and widgets
15:58 Sorting and filtering views of data
19:50 Changing column formatting
20:46 Adding new columns
23:14 Adding conditional formatting
26:10 Adding a new table to an existing page (with references and linking)
31:15 Creating a new page (with a summary table)
35:56 Deleting all template dummy data
39:43 Quick tip: Using a summary table to de-dup values in a column