Multimedia Views

Learn all about multimedia views, like our map and video player widgets, and explore even more ways to display your data.


00:08 Join our Grist Discord!
02:10 Adding a custom widget
02:50 Configuring the Image Viewer custom widget
04:17 Copying an Image URL
06:00 Tip: Use a Record Card to update data for hidden columns
07:28 Adding and configuring the Grist Video Player custom widget
09:50 Getting the video URL
11:35 Adding and configuring the Notepad custom widget
15:20 Adding and configuring the Map custom widget
17:10 Tip: Use Geocode to find Lat-Long coordinates
19:20 Tip: Use a formula to set all ‘Geocode’ values to True
19:58 Tip: How to show only the selected location on the map