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Creating Productive Page Layouts

On January’s webinar, Natalie walked through how to build productive layouts in Grist. She covered same-record and reference-record linking, card views, sorting and filtering, summary tables, and simple charts.


00:07 Lightning Round – questions sent during sign-up (relevant links below)
04:18 Overview of Influencer Outreach example
05:07 Views v. data
06:07 Creating dashboards for productive workflows
07:05 Linking widgets with different data tables, connected by a reference
08:16 Creating and editing card view to see data at a glance
10:40 Linking widgets with the same data (same-recording linking)
13:05 Sorting data in widgets
13:35 Data entry in dashboards
17:06 Formulas to surface more key information
19:25 Filter bar for quick filter buttons
21:39 Creating dashboards that summarize data with pivot tables
22:25 Linking widgets to summary tables
23:12 Understanding how summary tables update with new data
25:17 Creating charts
28:23 Understanding saves between sessions
29:22 Creating a calculated column
33:16 Adding buttons
37:31 Formatting percentages
38:35 Using a formula to pull Gmail email history (possible, community link below with example)