Relational Data + Reference Columns

In this webinar, we dive into reference columns in Grist, and how to use them to build productive dashboards.

Topics touched upon include building a database, relating records, reference lookups, widgets, linking widgets, setting up dashboards, the lookupRecords formula and conditional row styles.


00:00 – Questions submitted during sign-up
04:18 – Building a meetings database: planning a new document
07:54 – Creating new tables and formatting columns
12:07 – Reference: relating one record to one record in another table
14:09 – Reference column lookups & understanding record’s $id
18:47 – Reference Lists: relating one record to many records in another table
21:42 – Troubleshooting formulas with reference columns
30:02 – Hyperlink formatting
30:45 – Building productive layouts – card widgets
32:53 – Linking widgets with the same record
34:22 – Linking widgets with data from two related tables
36:31 – Linking widgets indirectly via reference to third table
38:28 – Filter buttons with date range filtering
39:47 – Renaming pages
39:59 – Setting up more dashboards, more tips
44:11 – Understanding lookupRecords formula with CONTAINS()
49:10 – Conditional row styles