Deconstructing the Digital Sales CRM Template

When looking at our templates you may wonder why templates are structured in a particular way.

In July we’ll rebuild our Digital Sales CRM template. This template contains common structural patterns used in Grist documents for variety of use cases. It also has common, simple examples of lookup formulas, and analyzes the same sales data two ways: lifetime revenue by customer and lifetime revenue by product.


00:13 User Question: How to create pivot tables in Grist?
05:45 Digital Sales CRM template walkthrough
09:09 Creating a document and planning your document
11:16 Importing spreadsheet data into Grist
12:20 Formatting columns
12:42 Choice column type with colors!
16:12 Numeric columns, with currency formatting
17:12 Numeric columns, with percent formatting
17:32 Reference columns, relating data in two tables
19:55 Date column, and date formatting
21:55 Reference lookups, like VLOOKUPS but way easier!
24:40 Formulas, simple arithmetic
26:48 Reference lookup across two references
30:02 Creating productive layouts – planning your workflow
30:32 Linking widgets with related data
32:42 Reverse lookup formulas (find records referencing this table)
35:33 Calculations in reverse lookup formulas
39:15 Working with dates in reverse lookup formulas
41:14 Working with reference lists and reverse lookup formulas
43:06 Adding cards to layouts
44:42 Creating summary tables (aka pivot tables)
47:00 Creating charts
49:19 Renaming and reorganizing pages
51:00 Webinar Q&A – Historical prices and how to look them up