Creator Tips for Productive Workflows

This webinar focuses on how to build productive workflows for teams, while making use of features that make Grist easy to use by anyone. We also share tips for creators to get the most out of Grist.

Topics touched upon include: document sharing permissions, the Donation Tracking template, document settings, using forks, backups, access rules, sorting & filtering views, cell styling, editing layouts, reference v. choice columns, and document tours. Whew, that’s a lot!


00:00 Questions submitted during registration
07:16 Understanding team, workspace + document sharing permissions
14:05 Donation tracking template walkthrough
14:49 Best practice: document planning table
15:31 Document settings
16:37 Working on a copy (using forks to make changes)
19:38 Understanding data v. widgets
21:01 Finding automatic backups + document history
23:18 Access rules basics + restricting access to tables
28:30 Sorting + filtering views of data on dashboards
35:00 Hot tip: changing widget details after it’s created
36:32 Grid options
36:50 Conditional row + cell styles
39:45 Editing card widget layouts
40:49 Quickly hiding + moving columns without scrolling
42:00 Understanding when to use a reference v. choice column
45:19 Creating document tours for your team