Team Sites

This is the first of a series of webinars focused on Grist for Teams. The series will cover everything you need to know about team sites, workspaces, collaboration, and access rules.

This specific webinar focuses on back to team basics: team sites, workspaces, sharing, and more.

Also: Team sites are now free for everyone! Create a Team site with any account and start collaborating.


00:00 Question Submitted During Registration
04:41 Creating team sites
06:12 Inviting team members + understanding permissions
10:04 Workspaces and workspace sharing
11:47 Understanding document access + guests
15:57 Working on a copy
17:25 Managing, moving, and removing documents in team sites
20:22 Profile settings + two factor authentication
22:45 Billing and team account settings
23:59 Team sites v. personal sites