Deconstructing the Payroll Template

In September we’ll rebuild our Payroll Template. This template uses formulas to look up hourly rates based on person, role, and date. You’ll also learn how to build dynamic summary dashboards that summarize data by categories and let you drill into the records in those categories.


02:07 Sneak Peek: Calendar
04:06 Introduction to webinar and template
08:40 Creating a new document and meta table to plan ahead
11:14 Importing from Google Drive
12:20 Concatenating text with a formula
14:15 Using reference columns to relate data in different tables
15:50 Choice columns – setting and formatting choice values
17:30 Quick Tip: Updating default currency and time zone in Document Settings
20:55 Formula Breakdown (Per Hour): how to pull current rate for a specific person and role
32:20 Using a formula to create Pay Periods
33:59 Building dynamic dashboards with linked widgets and charts
37:53 Quick way to hide multiple columns at a time
38:05 Editing card layout
39:00 Applying multiple sorts to a table