Grist for EDUCATOrs

Tame your school projects

Teachers already juggle too much. Cut down on tools by simplifying projects in one secure, collaborative platform with powerful sharing and analysis capabilities.

One platform, many educational solutions

Prepare your students for success

Create sample tests and flashcards for yourself or your students. Perfect for standardized test prep.


Build flashcards to improve recall of important facts.


Formulas calculate time spent on questions, and track correct, wrong, or skipped answers.

Consolidate class & student data

Keep track of class enrollment and waitlists in the same, secure tool in which you track student and family data.


All-in-one customer and staff contact management.


Dynamic views update based on student and class selections.

Track learning sessions

For private tutors, Grist helps streamline their session and billing workflow.


Track private tutoring lessons, student and family contact information, and billing status in one place.


Easy-to-read client info and billing cards.

Build your own solutions


Build dashboards your way
An intuitive drag-and-drop page builder for data workflows and visualization.


Work as a team
Collaborate with your colleagues while keeping sensitive student data secure.


Get insights from your data
Grist’s pivot tables, charts, and formulas deepen your understanding of classroom data.

Free for small projects and teams

50% discount for schools and non-profits with larger documents.

“We’ve been using Grist for almost a year now to keep track of our staff, enrollments, and payments. All the features have been a lifesaver! We have been able to organize and refine our data entry smoothly and look forward to the new features to come.”

Diana Sandil
Home School Coaches

“If people spend some time learning a new tool they’ll have more power to do their work and research. I said to one of my students, ‘You will be very very happy using Grist because you are miserable using Excel!'”

Eduardo Dalcin, Ph.D.
Biodiversity Informatics Expert

“Grist has given us incredible flexibility to solve data problems and find solutions, whether it is for a small team at the district, or at scale with the entire district staff. We’re really excited about the different ways we can use it going forward.”

Director of Product
EdTech Company


More templates


Prepare for any test with our simple, digital flashcards builder.

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Grant Application Tracker

Consolidate your application process, contact information and funding goals in intuitive, interconnected dashboards.

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Book Club

Organize your bookclub in this simple spreadsheet. Auto-generated links streamline book searches.

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Build with an expert

Need a solution built in Grist? Let our experts do the work.


Plan your solution
Identify workflow pain points, and improvements.


Design for your needs
Leverage Grist’s flexibility to your advantage.


Build with experts
Work with our experts to get to your solution quickly.

Take control of your data

Unlock your data’s true potential with the better spreadsheet