The Database Evolved

A modern alternative to Microsoft Access

A relational database with a spreadsheet interface.

Relational data like you’ve never seen it before

A Microsoft Access alternative that combines the best of a spreadsheet and an RDBMS. Create summary tables, charts, and even drag-and-drop dashboards, all on top of an SQL foundation.

More than a frontend

Grist handles data from top to bottom – from SQL to HTML, all without taking away control of your data.


SQLite engine as data store.


Spreadsheet flexibility and functionality (including formulas).


No-code dashboard building.

Grist flowchart showing it's database structure and frontend views.
Grist document example.

Built for collaboration

As a database managed through a familiar UI, Grist is designed to be used by everyone.


Spreadsheet frontend allows non-technical users to get started immediately.


Database structure ensures data is clean & consistent.


UI translated into over a dozen languages.

Advanced access controls

Enable cross-functional collaboration with granular access rules and permissions.


Limit access to individual records, fields, and tables.


Let all users work securely from one source of truth – and store data only once.

Overview of Grist's access rules.

Fully open-source

Grist’s open source commitment allows individuals and organizations to self-host, and enables developers to evaluate code.


No data lock-in.


Developer-friendly architecture.


Active community of contributors.

“What I like about Grist the most is its focus. It appears simple, but it’s very powerful in a focused way. Grist has really improved our workflow and communication.”

Chris Scott
Co-founder in Digital Marketing

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General Ledger

Analyze income and expenses by project and over time using our user-friendly general ledger with dynamic charts.

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Manage hourly payroll calculations and tracking in a single relational spreadsheet.

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Lightweight CRM

Manage customer info and interactions in a user-friendly, spreadsheet-style CRM template.

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The Sprouts Program

Build with an expert

Need a solution built in Grist? Let us do the work.


Plan your solution
Identify workflow pain points, and improvements.


Design for your needs
Leverage Grist’s flexibility to your advantage.


Build with experts
Work with us to get to your solution quickly.

Take control of your data

Unlock your data’s true potential with the better spreadsheet