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Grist for Teams

The #1 collaborative spreadsheet for sensitive data

A spreadsheet, database, and no-code app builder you can share with your team while protecting your data.

Work together


Work on one copy of data as the single source of truth to avoid confusion and duplication.


Access anywhere: at work, at home, while traveling, using new or old PCs, and even on phones and tablets.


Version control, snapshot history, and automated backups for peace of mind.

Protect your data


Collaborate securely with sophisticated user permissions customizable for all roles, from intern to CEO.


Take your data with you by downloading your documents. No data lock-in.


Need to host your data on your own servers? Grist has a fully self-hosted solution.

Increase your productivity


Build productive dashboards and tools from your spreadsheets using a no-code app builder.


Create charts, pivot tables, and other visualizations to make faster and better decisions.


Customizable setup to suit your team’s needs and streamline your workflow.

Leverage advanced tools


Built-in AI Formula Assistant to help create formulas for your spreadsheets.


Spreadsheet structured as a relational database for more efficient data management.


Powered by Python formulas, a language favored by data scientists.


Advanced API and integrations to connect your spreadsheets to external data sources.


Open-source software provides trust and innovation driven by community of developers.

Trusted by teams

“Grist has given us incredible flexibility to solve data problems and find solutions, whether it is for a small team at the district, or at scale with the entire district staff. We’re really excited about the different ways we can use it going forward.”

Director of Product
EdTech Company

“What I like about Grist the most is its focus. It appears simple, but it’s very powerful in a focused way. Grist has really improved our workflow and communication.”

Chris Scott
Co-founder in Digital Marketing

“Most CRMs don’t work the way Grist works. Grist’s layouts are simple and do exactly what we need.”

Jennifer Bledsoe
IT Tech at Law Firm

Use Grist with your team

Increase your productivity while protecting your sensitive data.