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Tutorials and Live Sessions

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Multimedia Views

Learn all about multimedia views, like our map and video player widgets, and explore even more ways to display your data.



Back to Basics: Migrating from spreadsheet to Grist

Used to spreadsheets? Watch as we migrate an existing project into Grist and build a custom solution that increases productivity.

Custom Widgets

How to configure the most useful custom widgets including image viewer, map, notepad and markdown, and more!

Access Rules

Starting with the basics and building up to complex examples, learn how to create Grist access rules on private and public documents.

Understanding Column Types and Version Control

All about Grist column types and formatting, automatic backups, and how to work on forks of your document.

Creating Productive Page Layouts

How to build productive Grist layouts; same-record and reference-record linking, card views, sorting and filtering, summary tables, and simple charts.

Importing & Summarizing Data

How to import and summarize data in Grist, and then import additional data to the existing structure.

Trigger Formulas v. Formulas

Learn the difference between typical formulas and trigger formulas, and when to use which. Includes useful formulas such as lookup formulas.

Adapting from Spreadsheet to Database

Tips on adapting data from a spreadsheet to a database using the DRY principle, and building dashboards using linked widgets.